The Warrior's Guide to Successful Sobriety
How to Gain Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Muscles
Learn the Secrets to a Powerful Recovery!

This book is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to overcome substance abuse or addiction issues.  It's also beneficial for family members and other loved ones seeking to better understand addiction and grow in their own recovery process.

Recovery Changes Everything!

When you're battling addiction you're literally at war, and it can be a deadly war. It's a war that is waging within you. It's also a war that's difficult for most people to understand unless they've been through it themselves.

In this book, I present a conceptualization of recovery that stems from my own personal experience overcoming addiction,my son's successful recovery from addiction, and my professional experience working with thousands of individuals and family members, helping them to overcome addiction.

In this book, I define the Six Essential Elements of Power.  The resources that provide the necessary strength to grow stronger in your recovery. 

The key to all recovery is in the Power... learning what provides you with Power and what depletes you of Power

 It's all about the POWER!
The Resilient Warrior Journal
365 Days of Powerful Recovery
A daily journal to help you grow stronger mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

This daily journal will help anyone gain more POWER and build strong mental, emotional and spiritual muscles.

It will help you become stronger, more resilient in your recovery and growth process each day.

This journal is designed as a daily companion tool for The Warrior’s Guide to Successful Sobriety: How to Gain Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Muscles. 

This journal is for anyone who wants to gain more strength and resilience in their recovery, and become stronger and better than ever before!

This journal is a great resource and accountability tool!

"I love this book!  So informative to help with recovery.  I would highly recommend reading The Warrior's Guide to Successful Sobriety.  Thank you, Dr. KJ Foster!"
"The Warrior's Guide to Successful Sobriety is an amazing, thoughtful and insightful book.  It is not just about sobriety in the general terms regarding addiction that one would think, but more about ways to live a life of happiness and success.  The opening statement regarding "Everyone, at some point in their lives, experiences something that requires a recovery process" connects with the reader because it is true!  Everyone, at some point, goes through a challenge or a struggle in which the recovery process is needed.  This is an amazing book that I am enjoying 100%!"
"I found this book very helpful in developing strategies to improve my spiritual progress.  Dr. Foster provides personal stories, professional insights and practical exercises.  Excellent book for anyone who wants to grow and develop a more powerful recovery."
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