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Recovery Changes Everything
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Hi there, welcome to my site...

I'm Dr. K.J. Foster and I help families get out of the treacherous swamp of substance abuse and addiction.  I teach individuals, family members and other loved ones how to stop the vicious cycle, and gain relief from the fear, anxiety and pain.  You and your family can go from barely surviving to completely thriving!  I know, because it happened for me and my family and it can happen for you too!

Recovery Changes Everything

My Articles...
Recovery is a Family Affair
“The entire family is in recovery. Every person in this room is in recovery. The sooner you accept this truth and begin to focus on your own growth and recovery process, your own personal change, the better chance your loved one will have for a successful recovery. This is the  
Living Recovery Out Loud
Living recovery out loud is not something that’s possible for everyone. Anonymity is a personal choice and should always remain up to the individual. I want to make that absolutely clear, since there may be those who will disagree with what I have to say about choosing to live my recovery out loud.  
Spiritual Confusion:  A Roadblock to Recovery
Spirituality is considered to be a critical component to achieving a successful recovery. In fact, it’s the cornerstone of most 12-Step programs. It’s also a concept that’s frequently misunderstood, which can create a significant 
Codependency: It May Not Be What You Think 
Codependency is an issue that is often misunderstood. I know this to be true because of all the individuals and family members I’ve worked with over the years, and their responses when I present and discuss codependency. Many have told me that what I describe to them is not what they originally believed about codependency.   
Shame, Stigma & Anonymity
Is secrecy part of the problem in recovery from addiction ?
Anyone who is familiar with 12-Step programs such as AA and NA has at least some basic knowledge of the traditions associated with these programs relative to anonymity. 
Post-Acute Withdrawal and the Family
If there’s one thing I wish I knew when I was first getting sober, and when my son was getting clean and sober, it’s the information I’m about to share with you about post-acute withdrawal syndrome, also commonly referred to as PAWS.  
Community-Based Relapse Prevention:  An Addiction Recovery Movement of the Future
When I finally broke down and attended my first Al-Anon meeting, I was nine months sober and it had been a long time coming. I was attending AA meetings every day, working with a sponsor and doing my step work, but my
Toxic Shame:  The True Soul Sickness of Addiction
Shame is a complex emotional state which can be difficult to define and understand. Many think of shame as similar to guilt but they are inherently different emotions. 
Tough Love:  A Blessing in Disguise
When I finally broke down and attended my first Al-Anon meeting, I was nine months sober and it had been a long time coming. I was attending AA meetings every day, working with a sponsor and doing my step work, but my




Post-Acute Withdrawal

Relapse Prevention




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